Jon Smith Subs

$10,000 Cash Rebate!




Jon Smith Subs is a FRESH new opportunity with a track record for success, serving high quality subs, right off the grill, overstuffed and piled high with the freshest ingredients, since 1988.


Reasons To Invest



1. Huge & Growing Market – 64% GROWTH over the next 7 years


2023 US Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Market – $293.8 Billion

2030 US QSR Projected Market – $454.3 Billion

5.6% Compound Annual Growth Rate



WadSaver members receive a $10,000 Cash Rebate when they buy a Jon Smith Subs Franchise


2. Established Brand:

Jon Smith Subs is a well-known brand in the fast-casual restaurant industry, with a history of delivering high-quality, delicious sandwiches to customers.

Investing in an established brand means you don’t have to start from scratch; you can take advantage of the brand’s existing customer base and reputation.


3. Comprehensive Training & Support

When you invest in a Jon Smith Subs franchise, you gain access to one of the best franchise & training support programs, including:

State-of-the-Art training programs

Ongoing support in operations, marketing & management

Assistance with site selection & store setup

No industry experience required 


4. Diverse Customer Rich Markets

One of the key advantages of investing in a Jon Smith Subs franchise is the diverse range of customer rich markets you can choose from.

Jon Smith Subs offers franchises in:

College towns

High-tourist areas

Business districts

Residential neighborhoods

Sports stadiums 


Learn about the Jon Smith Subs Franchise Opportunity and the steps to ownership.


Call Us at 305-965-9355
email [email protected]


Either way, we’d love to hear from you!



WadSaver members receive a $10,000 Cash Rebate when they buy a Jon Smith Subs Franchise


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