Mimeo – On Demand 24 Hour Printing

20% OFF

With Mimeo you can easily build and distribute any number of documents including binders with tabs, manuals, booklets, brochures or almost anything where ink hits paper, with plenty of finishing options to choose from.

Mimeo makes complex print orders easy.


WadSaver members receive up to 20% off print services at Mimeo each time you order


Represent your brand through affordable, high-quality print

*  Real-time, transparent pricing – no hidden costs

*  On-demand printing – no order minimums, no commitments

Intuitive platform

Customize and proof in real-time

Order by 9 pm EST and get it delivered as soon as 8 am the next day

*  24/7 customer service

See how Mimeo can work for your business



Scan with your phone camera.

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