Mr. Electric

$10,000 Cash Rebate


The Electrical Industry Is Buzzing With Excitement


A continuous stream of electricity is crackling through every home in North America powering computers, lights, even electric vehicle chargers.

Unlike other home services which may affect just one area or element of the home, electricity touches literally every corner. And rapid advancement in consumer technology is only fueling the need for quality electrical services across the country.

You’ve found an industry with unlimited potential, and a franchise opportunity in Mr. Electric® that stands alone in its dedication to franchise owners and their ability to make the most out of a smart investment for a smart world.

WadSaver members earn a $10,000 cash rebate when they open a Mr. Electric franchise

NO INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE NECESSARY You don’t need to be an electrician, you’ll just need to hire one.

Do you know anyone who doesn’t use electricity? Neither do we.

Many industries don’t advance much… this isn’t one of them.

“I’ve got a level of trust where the inspectors know that we do quality work and we do professional work and we’re not going to take a shortcut and make it unsafe.” Sean Dion Multi-Unit Owner, Upstate New York

SMALL FOOTPRINT Low overhead is part of the beauty of our model. Initial office space is not required, and only needed when you deem necessary.

LIMITED RECEIVABLES Most projects are “cash jobs” where your techs leave with payment. Rarely do you have to chase down receivables.

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MARKETING-DRIVEN Our in-demand electrical services are sought out by the customer. They find you; no cold calling necessary.

PRIME TERRITORIES We offer designated territories with room to grow in numerous markets all across North America.

VETERAN DISCOUNTS 15% off initial franchise fee for qualified Veterans


Not only will you enjoy the extensive support and services provided by Mr. Electric with your franchise, but you will also become part of our parent company. Neighborly® is the world’s largest and fastest-growing family of home service brands with 29 home service brands and more than 5,000+ franchises in nine countries.

As a part of Neighborly®, Mr. Electric franchise owners may gain exposure and leads via customers of other Neighborly® brand franchises in their community. We also offer cross-marketing promotions and campaigns to generate business for our Neighborly® family of home service brands. 

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